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Suggestions for parents who speak a second language with their child

You speak another language than German with your child and your child is being raised bilingually:this is not an issue for most children. Actually, being bilingual will be a great advantage. Through your language, your child can also learn about your culture and roots. It is important that your child also learns German as early as possible.

How to help your child

  • Speak the language that you speak best with your child.

  • Speak to your child about everything you do. Listen to your child, tell him or her stories and praise your  child whenever he or she tries to express him or herself. You should aim to bring joy to your child through speaking.

  • It is helpful if your child has contact with German at the earliest possible age. The more he or she is with children and adults who speak German, the faster your child will learn German.

  • The more your child can speak his or her first language, the more your child can learn German. Your child will build upon the first language and compare the languages.

Our playgroup services offered to your child
Preparing your small child for kindergarten and school

  • In the playgroup your child can play with other children and will make progress in his/her personality and learning development.

  • In the playgroup your child will get acquainted with the German language.

  • In the playgroup your child will learn and practice dealing with peers.

  • In the playgroup your child will have his/her first experiences outside the home.

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